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From rustic to contemporary, the Custom Kitchen Cabinets options you choose should be a reflection of a home’s overall style.

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Craftsman Door Styles

The style of your cabinets can help to tie your entire kitchen together. We offer a wide variety of styles covering everything from simplistic Shaker to stylized Regent to give you the best range of options possible and ensure you end up with the kitchen of your dreams.

Craftsman Door Styles

Popular Wood Species

We offer a variety of wood species to allow for more personalized looks. Countless different combinations are available with the Craftsman Series.

Popular Cabinet Wood Species

Stain Collection

You can let the stain fully soak into the wood. Using a multi-step curing process with a protective top coat ensures a strong, lasting product.

Cabinet Stain Collection

Paint Collection

The selection of painted finishes are hand sprayed, sanded and sprayed again for a solid opaque look. Use a multi-step curing process with a protective top coat to ensure a strong, lasting product.

Custom Finishes

Have the perfect color in mind? We can color match to Sherwin-Williams. Custom finishes are available for both stains and paints.

Cabinet Paint Collection


Cabinets are only as good as the materials they’re built with. To ensure that we provide the highest quality products to our customers, we partner with companies that share our values to ensure that your cabinets will wear well through years of use.

  • CARB-2 compliant plywood
  • Solid hardwood drawer boxes and face frames
  • Variety of wood species ranging from everyday to high-end


Our manufacturing and assembly process is based on durability. We use several methods to make sure that our cabinets will be able to support the weight of your heavy pots and pans as well as the regular wear and tear of everyday life. To make sure that our cabinet boxes will remain square and rigid for years following your purchase all our cabinets have:

  • I-beam construction
  • All interlocking joints
  • Both glued and nailed

New Kitchen Installs

We offer a full range of kitchen remodeling services, from a simple kitchen update to full-on kitchen overhauls. With our services, you get the perfect kitchen for your home without any work on your part. We’ll come in, assess your kitchen, and work with you to design the perfect layout. When you’re done, you’ll have a kitchen that’s beautiful and functional.

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Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is a way to give your kitchen a new look and feel without having to completely change the layout. If you are looking for a way to make a small change, a remodel may be for you. If you are thinking about a new home or just have some time this summer that you want to spend on your kitchen, it is possible that a kitchen remodel is for you. Kitchen remodels are a great way to update your kitchen with some newer, more modern amenities. Make sure to give consideration to what you want from your kitchen whether it is a dishwasher, a new refrigerator, or a modern hood.

Kitchen Remodelers Services in Lewisville, ID 83431

Kitchen Resurfacing

The kitchen is the heart of the home. No matter how nice your living space is, if your kitchen is outdated or you don’t have enough kitchen cabinets, then the rest of your home will feel incomplete. There are many options for kitchen resurfacing, ranging from inexpensive to very expensive. Custom kitchens are one of the most expensive options, but they will give your home the wow factor. The downside of custom kitchens is that they are often difficult to install and they are very expensive. The upside of custom kitchens is that you can make them as unique as you want, and they will give your home a fresh new feel. If you decide to go with a custom kitchen, make sure your home is structurally sound.

Kitchen Remodel Services in Lewisville, ID 83431

Replace and Update Kitchen Items

  • Replace Faucets
  • Replace Kitchen Fixtures
  • Replace Kitchen Appliances
  • Replace Kitchen Countertops
  • Replace Kitchen Flooring
  • Replace Kitchen Windows
  • Replace Kitchen Doors

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The Cons of Remodeling Your Kitchen area

concerns renovating, among the rooms frequently redesigned is the cooking area. Due to the fact that there are a number of benefits to having a cooking area redesigned, one of the reasons for that is. While there are a variety of benefits to kitchen remodeling, there are likewise a number of downsides. These drawbacks are frequently described cons. You might be wondering what the primary cons of cooking area remodeling are if you were believing about renovating your cooking area. need or want to acquire. If you make the decision to just change your kitchen counter tops, you will find that it is much easier to manage that renovating project than it is a larger one, such as job that requires the replacement of countertops, cabinets, wall panels, lighting, and flooring tiles. While it is always possible to redesign your kitchen area on a budget, you might find it a little bit hard to do. The cost will be reasonably high regardless of whether you do your own kitchen improvement or if you work with a professional. This cooking area redesigning con might not even use to you if you have time. However, if you are pushed for time or are tying to remodel your kitchen on the side, you may find it difficult to get it all carried out in an affordable amount of time. An option that you might desire to analyze is professional assistance from a remodeling expert if this is the case. A house will only increase in value if the remodeling job was a success. Any redesigning task that looks unsightly is not most likely to increase the value of a house. The value of the house might even decrease a small amount, but, possibly, enough to discover. implies that if you are planning on redesigning your own cooking area, you will wish to make sure that you do it right. house improvement experience, it might be a good idea to seek expert assistance or a minimum of take a kitchen remodeling course. Another professional or downside to kitchen remodeling is the truth that it can be unsafe. One mistake that numerous homeowners make, when redesigning their own cooking area, is thinking that they can have their cooking area remodeled in the very same quantity of time as a professional. Whether you are making yourself a brand-new kitchen area counter, replacing your cooking area cabinets, or changing the lights in your kitchen, kitchen area improvement can be hazardous. a variety of kitchen area improvement cons, it is also crucial to keep in mind that there are likewise a variety of pros. You need to compare the two and decide which might offer you the most advantages when it comes to pros and cons. Doing so may assist you choose whether it would be an excellent idea for you remodel your cooking area. When it comes to redesigning, one of the rooms most frequently remodeled is the kitchen area. If you were thinking about renovating your kitchen, you might be questioning what the main cons of kitchen area renovation are. One of those cons is the time that it takes to remodel your kitchen. One mistake that many house owners make, when renovating their own cooking area, is believing that they can have their cooking area remodeled in the very same amount of time as an expert. Whether you are making yourself a brand-new kitchen counter, changing your kitchen cabinets, or replacing the lights in your cooking area, kitchen area renovation can be dangerous.

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Do You Required To Buy New Appliances When Kitchen Remodeling?

Overtime you might find that your cooking area no longer looks appealing or brings you excitement. cooking area, it might be time for a modification. That modification can easily be accomplished with a kitchen area renovating task. A kitchen renovating task implies different things to different individuals. If you are really looking to make your cooking area like a whole new cooking area, you will probably want to do a large improvement job. As much as you alter the components or structures in your kitchen, you might still be advised of your old kitchen area, particularly if you are utilizing the very same kitchen home appliances. That is why it might likewise be a great idea to consist of changing your kitchen devices as part of your next kitchen area remodeling task. microwave, mixer, or oven, you will discover that you, actually, have an unrestricted variety of devices to pick from. Almost all of the previously discussed kitchen home appliances can be found in more than one color; for that reason, whatever color or style you are looking for, you ought to quickly be able to find it. Matching your new kitchen area devices to your brand-new kitchen décor or style, after the improvement has actually been ended up, is the best method to get the perfect kitchen area. There are a number of reasons why you must including purchasing new kitchen appliances as a part of your kitchen redesigning project, you might it pricey to do so. It may be best to focus on the remodeling initially if you are on a limited budget plan. New kitchen area appliances can wait, however a new cooking area countertop might not be able to. When you have actually changed the general style of your kitchen, you can then start worrying about new devices. trying to conserve money, it might be a great idea to acquire one device at a time. Even if it takes you a year to pay for all of the new kitchen area devices that you wanted, you will arrive aftertime, without needing to go broke at one time. As you can see, there are a variety of various reasons that you need to change your old kitchen area home appliances when remodeling your kitchen area. Despite the fact that there are a variety of benefits to doing so, you do not have to if you do not want to. The decision is completely yours to make. As much as you change the fixtures or structures in your kitchen area, you may still be reminded of your old cooking area, especially if you are using the very same kitchen area devices. As formerly mentioned, changing your whole cooking area appliances may make it appear as if you are actually getting a brand-new cooking area. Matching your new kitchen home appliances to your new cooking area decoration or theme, after the renovation has actually been completed, is the best method to get the ideal cooking area. There are a number of reasons why you must consisting of buying new kitchen home appliances as a part of your kitchen redesigning project, you might it pricey to do so. New cooking area devices can wait, however a new kitchen area counter top might not be able to.

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Regardless of what path, a property owner needs to very first sketch out some kitchen renovating ideas to ensure the cooking area design and costs will fulfill their targeted functional requirements and budget. If a general professional is to be worked with these preliminary sketches will be helpful in interacting your kitchen area renovating ideas and strategies. kitchen is more than 5 years of ages, there are a lot of new products to select from. For example, Silestone is rapidly going beyond Granite and Corian, as the premier counter top surface area as it is extremely difficult, sophisticated in look, and is available in many colors. For cabinets, the pattern appears to be towards lighter colors as they assist the look of expanding a space and lightening. In concerns to devices, the Stainless Steel appearance appears to be in. And for wood, vinyl or floor covering is the trend. Tile looks good, nevertheless, it can be unforgiving in a space where things tend to get dropped. In addition, if there is no radiant heat prepared for the flooring, tile has the tendency to feel cold on the feet. It is likewise essential to consider any structural modifications to the existing kitchen location. Is a brand-new cooking area island wanted, or will entrances or walls need to be moved or installed? When developing your kitchen remodeling strategy, it is important to note that professional kitchen designers like to believe of a triangle when starting a brand-new kitchen area design. Make sure your sketches consider this, as it will ensure a great practical kitchen. The sketches should likewise include dimensions, as these will be required when meeting with the general specialist or kitchen area designer. Think about where the existing outlets and power for the stove are, and evaluate if extra outlets will be needed or old outlets moved. Regardless of what route, a homeowner needs to very first sketch out some kitchen area renovating concepts to guarantee the kitchen area style and expenses will fulfill their targeted practical requirements and budget. If a basic specialist is to be hired these preliminary sketches will be useful in communicating your kitchen renovating strategies and concepts. When establishing your cooking area remodeling strategy, it is essential to note that professional kitchen designers like to think of a triangle when beginning a brand-new kitchen style.

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suitable and doable with the cooking area set-up and structure you have. These kitchen remodeling services are not only composed of contractors, it's in fact a complete bundle-- knowledgeable professionals who'll do the painting, electrical works, setups, pipes, and so on. This group can give you the guidance you need, like if you actually should change your counter tops or you just need to reface it. The cooking area renovating services are offering you the assistance and help you need, just ensure that you find a group or company you can trust. They in fact help you in the things you require, to make your improvement task an easier and an easier one. With these kitchen area redesigning services doing their particular tasks, you don't in fact need to stress over your kitchen renovation, you do not have to think of time or effort wasted. Just sit, relax, or work, and wait on your kitchen area to radiance in its make over. Prior to you search for cooking area remodeling services in your area, you have to at least know how you want your kitchen to look like after the restoration or redesigning. Once you've finally decided on the general photo of your refurbished kitchen area, then find the finest yet cost effective kitchen remodeling services in your area. These kitchen renovating services are not just made up of contractors, it's in fact a complete bundle-- skilled specialists who'll do the painting, electrical works, setups, pipes, and so on.

You have many options for your Kitchen Remodel and Custom Kitchen Cabinets. Just make sure that you choose a Kitchen Remodel crew you are comfortable with so you don’t waste your money on a fly-by-night operation. Check out their references and find someone you trust. All homeowners deserve a kitchen they will love. Finding a Custom Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Pros in Lewisville, ID 83431 can be easy, so get on top of it right away!

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