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From rustic to contemporary, the Custom Kitchen Cabinets options you choose should be a reflection of a home’s overall style.

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Craftsman Door Styles

The style of your cabinets can help to tie your entire kitchen together. We offer a wide variety of styles covering everything from simplistic Shaker to stylized Regent to give you the best range of options possible and ensure you end up with the kitchen of your dreams.

Craftsman Door Styles

Popular Wood Species

We offer a variety of wood species to allow for more personalized looks. Countless different combinations are available with the Craftsman Series.

Popular Cabinet Wood Species

Stain Collection

You can let the stain fully soak into the wood. Using a multi-step curing process with a protective top coat ensures a strong, lasting product.

Cabinet Stain Collection

Paint Collection

The selection of painted finishes are hand sprayed, sanded and sprayed again for a solid opaque look. Use a multi-step curing process with a protective top coat to ensure a strong, lasting product.

Custom Finishes

Have the perfect color in mind? We can color match to Sherwin-Williams. Custom finishes are available for both stains and paints.

Cabinet Paint Collection


Cabinets are only as good as the materials they’re built with. To ensure that we provide the highest quality products to our customers, we partner with companies that share our values to ensure that your cabinets will wear well through years of use.

  • CARB-2 compliant plywood
  • Solid hardwood drawer boxes and face frames
  • Variety of wood species ranging from everyday to high-end


Our manufacturing and assembly process is based on durability. We use several methods to make sure that our cabinets will be able to support the weight of your heavy pots and pans as well as the regular wear and tear of everyday life. To make sure that our cabinet boxes will remain square and rigid for years following your purchase all our cabinets have:

  • I-beam construction
  • All interlocking joints
  • Both glued and nailed

New Kitchen Installs

We offer a full range of kitchen remodeling services, from a simple kitchen update to full-on kitchen overhauls. With our services, you get the perfect kitchen for your home without any work on your part. We’ll come in, assess your kitchen, and work with you to design the perfect layout. When you’re done, you’ll have a kitchen that’s beautiful and functional.

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Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is a way to give your kitchen a new look and feel without having to completely change the layout. If you are looking for a way to make a small change, a remodel may be for you. If you are thinking about a new home or just have some time this summer that you want to spend on your kitchen, it is possible that a kitchen remodel is for you. Kitchen remodels are a great way to update your kitchen with some newer, more modern amenities. Make sure to give consideration to what you want from your kitchen whether it is a dishwasher, a new refrigerator, or a modern hood.

Kitchen Remodelers Services in Mackay, ID 83251

Kitchen Resurfacing

The kitchen is the heart of the home. No matter how nice your living space is, if your kitchen is outdated or you don’t have enough kitchen cabinets, then the rest of your home will feel incomplete. There are many options for kitchen resurfacing, ranging from inexpensive to very expensive. Custom kitchens are one of the most expensive options, but they will give your home the wow factor. The downside of custom kitchens is that they are often difficult to install and they are very expensive. The upside of custom kitchens is that you can make them as unique as you want, and they will give your home a fresh new feel. If you decide to go with a custom kitchen, make sure your home is structurally sound.

Kitchen Remodel Services in Mackay, ID 83251

Replace and Update Kitchen Items

  • Replace Faucets
  • Replace Kitchen Fixtures
  • Replace Kitchen Appliances
  • Replace Kitchen Countertops
  • Replace Kitchen Flooring
  • Replace Kitchen Windows
  • Replace Kitchen Doors

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Services in Mackay, ID

Kitchen Remodeling Services in Mackay, ID 83251

If you would just like to remodel your kitchen by changing your cooking area countertops, it may be worthless to acquire a big kitchen area redesigning book, one that focuses on a number of various renovation jobs. Your cash may be much better spent purchasing a kitchen area remodeling book that has a particular concentrate on kitchen area countertop setups. When installing your new counters, or just about anything else for that matter, you will frequently find that there is more than one way to do something. A comprehensive kitchen remodeling book, one that concentrates on one task in particular, may help to offer you more options. When figuring out whether or not kitchen area redesigning books are worth the cash, it is likewise essential to focus on what can be discovered inside them. Numerous times, you will find that most kitchen renovating books come with composed instructions, as well as step-by-step photos. Too numerous house owners erroneously believe that a kitchen area remodeling book has precisely what they need inside of it. low-cost and affordable kitchen how-to guides. Kitchen renovation how-to guides can be acquired online, from most book stores and house improvement shops. You can quickly discover kitchen area renovation books that cost as low as ten dollars and some that sell for as high as fifty. What is great about acquiring kitchen renovation books is that you can decide what you want to purchase, in addition to just how much you are willing to spend for it. Because there are a variety of benefits and drawbacks to utilizing kitchen area improvement books, you will require to make your own decision. cooking area remodeling experience, you may find that a kitchen area renovating how-to guide is more than worth the cash. Cooking area remodeling can include something as basic as replacing your kitchen sink, but it can likewise consist of something extravagant, such as changing around your whole kitchen area, from the lights all the way down to your flooring. Kitchen remodeling books, likewise typically referred to as kitchen improvement how-to guides, are books that are designed to assist readers understand as much as they can about renovating their kitchen areas. It is not unusual to discover a cooking area remodeling book that focuses on a number of kitchen improvement tasks or a book that just focuses on one job. If you would just like to renovate your cooking area by changing your kitchen area countertops, it might be worthless to purchase a big kitchen redesigning book, one that focuses on a number of different renovation jobs. Your money may be better invested purchasing a cooking area renovating book that has a particular focus on kitchen counter top installations.

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One of the many other pros to cooking area remodeling is one that you may not always have actually believed of before. If you do not have the skill or the time required to redesign your own kitchen, you could also hire an expert to do it for you. You likewise have total control over who you work with to redesign your kitchen, as well as how much you want to pay. If you are interested in changing your cooking area counter, you can easily discover and pick the brand-new materials, products, and creates that you desire to utilize. The option that you have is just among the lots of pros to kitchen remodeling. There are a number of pros to cooking area remodeling, there are likewise a number of cons. The greatest con or downside to remodeling your kitchen is the fact that it can not only be costly, however time consuming. Given that there are a number of pros and cons to kitchen renovation, you will require to decide which is finest for you. When it comes to kitchen remodeling and house worths, you will discover that, in most cases, a house's value increases with a remodeling project, including a kitchen area remodeling project. Another pro to remodeling your kitchen area is the truth that you will, essentially, be getting a brand-new kitchen area. Some property owners pick to only remodel a little part of their cooking area, others go right out and redesign the entire thing. Whether you make the choice to simply change your kitchen countertops and cabinets, or alter your cooking area counters, cabinets, sink, oven, flooring tiles, and wall paint, there is an excellent opportunity that your cooking area might appear as if it is a whole, brand brand-new kitchen. If you require to repair a few repair work, you could easily redesign only a part of your cooking area, but if you would like an entire new appearance, you could redesign your whole kitchen area; the decision is yours to make.

Kitchen Remodelers Services in Mackay, ID 83251

Kitchen Renovation: Choosing a New Cooking Area Sink

Not all of those people like what they see. dissatisfied with the manner in which your cooking area looks, it may be time for a little renovation task. In fact, it may even be time for a huge improvement project. When it pertains to kitchen area remodeling, you will find that, as a house owner, you have an unrestricted number of alternatives. If you choose to do so, you could renovate whatever, right to the kitchen sink. Speaking of kitchen sinks, there is a good chance that you if you are dissatisfied with your kitchen, you may want to acquire and have a new kitchen sink installed. When searching for a new kitchen sink, you are urged to inspect out one of your local house improvement shops. There is a good chance that you might find the kitchen area sink of your dreams at one of your regional house enhancement shops, there is also a chance that you may not. If you are merely changing a kitchen area sink, you might find it a little bit more tough to discover a kitchen area sink. If you purchase a sink that is too big for that space or even too little for it, a small kitchen area remodeling task may turn into a relatively large one. If your cooking area renovating job includes new kitchen cabinets and new counter tops, you may not have to be as concerned with sink sizes. You will need to wash your meals in your cooking area sink if you do not have a dishwashing machine. When doing meals, it might be easier if you have a two basin kitchen area sink. 2 basin kitchen area sinks are more practical, you will likely discover that the one basin sinks are more trendy and, rather, more appealing. Mentioning being attractive, the design of a kitchen area sink not just consists of how many basins it has, but it likewise consists of the color. While a lot of cooking area sinks can be found in a stainless steel color, there are other kitchen sink colors. Other popular colors include white, granite, biscuit, and almond. In all honesty, the color of a new kitchen area sink might be more crucial to you than whether it has a couple of basins. If you are likewise redesigning other parts of your kitchen, like the floors or your counter tops, it might be a great concept to ensure that your brand-new kitchen area sink compliments your other repairs or at least matches them. Speaking of cooking area sinks, there is an excellent opportunity that you if you are unhappy with your kitchen area, you might want to purchase and have a new kitchen area sink installed. If you are simply replacing a cooking area sink, you may find it a little bit more hard to discover a cooking area sink. If your kitchen area remodeling project includes new kitchen cabinets and new counter tops, you may not have to be as worried with sink sizes. While many cooking area sinks come in a stainless steel color, there are other cooking area sink colors. If you are likewise renovating other parts of your kitchen, like the floorings or your counter tops, it might be an excellent concept to make sure that your brand-new kitchen sink compliments your other repairs or at least matches them.

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Let your cooking area remodeling concepts come to life

consuming and talking in the kitchen. Probably, the majority of people consider this as the busiest part or space of your house. appropriate and fit to you and your household? Do you have a number of kitchen area redesigning ideas waiting to come out of your brains? Are you going to begin dealing with it? Well, it's most likely a worry and issue of the majority of homeowners-- needing to plan, and believe, and work, and invest, and so on, but you don't want to lose your time on this. You much better start making a note of your kitchen redesigning ideas now, and scan kitchen area publications and websites for more upgraded and "in" kitchen area renovating concepts, so that once you have these at hand, you can just begin mixing and matching these, and voila! you can start enhancing your kitchen area. Do not stress if it will take some time for you to produce and sketch out your plan or model, excellent and best kitchen area renovating concepts need to be established, due to the fact that it has to be best and important to you and your household. Would you want a new or redesigned kitchen yet you aren't truly comfortable using the components and devices in it? Just ensure that your requirements, requirements, and priorities need to be served and fulfilled with the kitchen area strategy that you have. You simply don't need to consider the charm and design, more notably is the functionality, convenience, comfort, and usefulness of your kitchen. Think of the activities and things you perform in the kitchen area, and individuals and buddies coming in and out of the kitchen, due to the fact that these will help you much better develop practical and good kitchen renovating concepts. Guarantee that your kitchen redesigning ideas are not that far-fetched, align it in your household's lifestyle and day-to-day activities; this would give you a brighter plan on your kitchen design and design. As long as you start dealing with the basic and important areas and things, then your kitchen area remodeling ideas will come to life, and who understands-- the next moment you visit your kitchen area, you're currently living your cooking area dream, would not that be fascinating? Both moms and dads work, kids prefer to eat rush meals, whatever's within reach, etc in the house kitchen area; that oftentimes, kitchen area has actually become a mini-house in the home, where laptops work on counter tops, TVs and music devices blast on the corner, books lie on the island, telephones hang on the wall, and family members and good friends stand and sit while consuming in the cooking area. You much better start composing down your kitchen renovating concepts now, and scan kitchen area magazines and sites for more upgraded and "in" kitchen remodeling concepts, so that as soon as you have these at hand, you can just begin blending and matching these, and voila! Think of the activities and things you do in the kitchen area, and the individuals and pals coming in and out of the kitchen area, because these will assist you better come up with practical and good kitchen area redesigning ideas.

You have many options for your Kitchen Remodel and Custom Kitchen Cabinets. Just make sure that you choose a Kitchen Remodel company you are comfortable with so you don’t waste your money on a fly-by-night operation. Check out their references and find someone you trust. All homeowners deserve a kitchen they will love. Finding a Custom Kitchen Cabinet Remodel Contractors in Mackay, ID 83251 can be easy, so get on top of it right away!

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